CR228 Low Floor Route Bus (14.5 metre)

Our second low floor route bus is the 14.5-metre single or double-door bus. This bus has a Co-Bolt aluminum bus body making it stronger, lighter and more energy efficient than a traditional steel bus. The 14.5-metre bus can seat up to 57 passengers and 35 standees depending on the layout.

We have invested heavily in research & design to produce a bus of the highest possible standard!

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Welcome to Volgren

Volgren Australia is the country's leading bus body builder, committed to excellence in bus manufacture and design. Our company has been redefining trends in bus manufacture and safety since 1977.

As an innovative transport company, Volgren is focused on providing quality aluminium buses manufactured to the highest standards. Volgren invests heavily in bus manufacture, safety, design and research to ensure we retain our position as Australia's leading bus body builder.

Volgren's services include:

  • Coach body-building
  • Coach repair and servicing
  • After-sales service and support

To learn how Volgren can cater to your requirements, call (03) 9791 4255 today.

Unique Aluminium Construction

As an innovative bus body builder, Volgren builds a comprehensive range of aluminium coaches. Our company undertakes bus body manufacture using an aluminium system that makes our vehicles stronger, lighter and more energy efficient than traditional steel coaches.

Our point of difference lies within our ability to deliver first rate vehicles, enabling a longer working life with less down time and need for repair. A Volgren aluminium vehicle body is lighter, stronger, more energy efficient and cheaper to run during its lifetime.

Be it a low route floor bus, rigid or articulated coach, Volgren has the expertise to deliver a cost and energy efficient solution.

Global Alliance

Volgren's aluminium technology is used in alliance with Hess in Europe and Gillig in the United States. This global alliance provides us with access to proven, world-leading technology and enables us to undertake aluminium bus body manufacture to the highest standard.

Worldwide, more than 25,000 vehicles have been built using this aluminium technology, which is continually assessed and improved upon. Volgren uses this state-of-the-art technology for coaches, ensuring each vehicle saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions.

First for Bus Safety

Volgren is dedicated to the highest level of safety. We have the highest quality accredited ratings of any coach body builder in Australia, with ISO 9001 ratings for the safety, quality and environmental aspects of our business.

At Volgren, our bus safety begins with design and manufacture. Our world-leading aluminium technology is implemented in every bus body we manufacture, proving that safety is our top priority. Each vehicle is fitted to industry safety standards and carries the ISO 9001 accreditation. This includes our school/charter coaches, low floor route, rigid and articulated vehicles.

For more information on bus safety, repair or manufacture, or to enquire about bus sales, contact us today on (03) 9791 4255 or submit an online enquiry form.

Tel: +61 3 9791 4255
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